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home_intro Welcome to Seattle’s Private Reserve. We are a Premier Tier III Licensed 502 Producer and Processor of recreational cannabis products for the state of Washington. Our company was founded in November 2014 by a diverse group of individuals with a wide range of skills and personalities who’s common bond is a deep passion for the cultivation of Cannabis.

Our state of the art facility is a true sealed environment designed to obtain optimal productions. Every step of the grow process is carefully monitored for quality control by our breeder “Jackson”. Every product that comes out of our facility is tested by Steephill Lab in order to maintain the highest possible standards. We always test our product to ensure you are getting nothing but the best from Seattle’s Private Reserve.

Seattle’s Private Reserve is also a premier Processor of Cannabis Concentrates and Infused Products. All of our light hydrocarbon extractions are done using an I502 compliant close loop extraction system. All gases used in extraction are rated 99.9% purity and then redistilled by us to ensure ultimate purity in our final product. Our state of the art facility and extraction methods combined with the artistry of our seasoned extraction specialists, result in the highest quality light hydrocarbon extracts achievable. We are confident our consumers will enjoy the most flavorful, highest purity, and stable shatter, wax, or honey oil. Seattle’s Private Reserve is proud to offer the best premium products you can trust.

Our next harvest is February 18th.








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As Washington’s premiere cannabis producer, we are proud to offer the highest quality cannabis flowers and extracts available in state. But don’t take our word for it, discover the Seattle’s Private Reserve distinction for yourself. Check out our premium line of products and then visit our Retail Partners Page to find a certified vendor near you.


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Where to Find Our Products


Want to know where to find our products? As a Cannabis Producer and Processor we cannot sell our products to the public directly, but never fear we have many reputable retail shops throughout Washington State that proudly carry and sell our line of Cannabis Products

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Whether you are a consumer inquiring about our products, a retailer interested in partnering with us or simply a fan wanting to say hello, please take a second and fill out our Contact Form. Your questions, comments and concerns are very important to us so don’t be shy!



Cannabis is what is known as an annual plant. This means that cannabis goes through its entire life cycle within a year. Generally speaking, most strains of cannabis complete their life cycle, from seed to death, in 4-10 months. However, under controlled indoor conditions coupled with the extensive knowledge and care of a commercial master grower, this period can be reduced to 2-3 months.  The life cycle of the cannabis plant consists of five primary phases; Germination, Seedling, Vegetative Period, Flowering Period and Harvest. 


1-8 Days

Germination is the process in which the seeds sprout and the root emerges. In Cannabis it takes from 12 hours to 8 days.
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1-4 Weeks

The seedling stage begins when the seed coat splits open and exposes the root and round “seed leaves” or cotyledons. It lasts from 1 to 4 weeks.
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1-2 Months

The vegetative phase is the main growing period for the cannabis plants, where they will reach their full growth potential and become beautiful, full bodied adult plants.
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6-9 Weeks

The flowering stage is where the mature cannabis plants put all their effort into growing large, lush resin covered buds.
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3-4 Days

Once the flowers are ripe, it's time to harvest! This final stage is the most labor intensive period of the cycle and involves several crucial steps; trimming, curing and drying.
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