The Romulan has been a classic indica dominant hybrid for many years and it will be for many more years.  Available soon from SPR.


Blackberry Kush

You looking to relax from a long day?  This Blackberry Kush from SPR will put you there.  A poster child indica dominant hybrid that has a creeper effect when you smoke it.  After a few minutes you will feel your body getting less tense and more relaxed.  Great for someone that has a hard time sleeping.


707 Headband

SPR’s 707 Headband has been a fan favorite out there for many years.  Gaining popularity back in medical it has definitely become a staple for your everyday smoke.  A strong sativa dominant hybrid that will get you through those tough long days.


Legalized OG

Are you ready to get Legalized this week?  If you haven’t had a chance to try SPR’s Legalized OG, this is your chance!  Available now at your local retail store!


DPGBUDZ Meteorites and Moonrocks

We have just introduced our new Meteorites and Moonrocks.  Prices are different but the quality is there!  Bonus!  Get yours today and take yourself to the universe!

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