Something for the connoisseur


Unrivaled Purity and Flavor



All of our light hydrocarbon extractions are processed by using a 502 compliant closed loop extraction system. All gases used during extraction are rated 99.9% purity and then re-distilled to ensure maximum purity in our final product. This combined with our unique extraction methods result in the highest quality light hydrocarbon extraction achievable. All of our extracts are lab tested by Steep Hill to ensure the final product is completely degassed and safe for inhalation. The result is a highly stable, pure and potent concentrate you can trust.

Honey Comb

Whipped to perfection, our honeycomb waxes are truly a favorite among our clientele.

Terp Wax This is a terpene rich concentrate packed with psychoactive flavor and fragrant terpenes. SPR’s terp wax is created for cannasseurs and is sure to please the senses.


Purged to perfection during an intensive and time consuming process to create that golden, glassy look everyone loves.

Pull ‘n’ Snap

Because of its consistency existing somewhere between wax and shatter, it stretches when pulled before breaking off with a signature snapping sound. Pull ‘n’ Snap is a favorite among the SPR team.

Bubble Hash

We offer top quality 5-Star, 4-Star, and old school pressed hash made using traditional and solvent-less techniques. By collecting the trichome heads via reverse osmosis water with ice and agitation creates a one of a kind concentrate that is versatile for your consumption choices. Smooth when dabbed on it’s own or in your bowl on top of flower, our quality bubble hash is sure to please.

Live Resin

Our live resin is fresh whole plant that has been flash frozen to capture and retain the optimal essence of terps.  These are available in limited quantities at our preferred retail partners.  Stay tuned and updated on what is coming up next!

Vapes in a variety of flavors

Made from our completely activated absolute blend of our finest hydrocarbon waxes, our vape cartridges are sure to provide a mind altering experience. Our vapes come in 6 flavors: Bubblegum, Grape, Green Apple, Lemon, Raspberry, and for those of you who aren’t into flavors we have Au Naturel.