Gorilla Glue, Hollywood OG, LA Sour, Gcut, 707 Headband

We have an arsenal of great flavors coming from SPR.  All rolling out this week and next.  If you thought our last rounds were great, wait until you get your hands on these gems.  All super fire!  Great quality, very smooth and super flavorful, and very potent.  You get a super nice “Experience” when you smoke quality flowers from SPR!

GGATopSticker (1)

HollywoodOGBoogieNightsSticker (1) (1)

LASourTopStickerAA (1)

GcutTopSticker (1)



New round of DPGBUDZ Meteorites available at your local retail shops.  Pick them up while they last.


707 Headband

The long wait is over for this gem.  If there was anytime to get your hands on SPR’s 707 Headband, this round is the round you don’t want to miss.  She’s the best that she’s ever been!  Super 707 Headband about to drop very soon!


Hollywood OG

Ok folks.  Are you ready for the Hollywood OG.  We all have been waiting for her and she is almost ready to hit the stores!  This is truly one of the best smokes out there for the connoisseurs.  One of the best OG’s you will ever find.  This quality on the Hollywood dropping is very special.  Make sure you don’t miss out on this gem!