Gorilla Glue

She’s one of our hottest and sought after strains.  We loaded up on her this time around and better yet, she’s so super fire it’s the best GG SPR has done yet!  We are all very excited for you to experience what true GG is like!  Get your hands on this one folks before it flies off the shelf!


Sour Headband

Sour Headband hitting stores out there.  Sativa dominant hybrid that will keep you uplifted throughout the long wet day out there.  She packs a serious punch.  You will surely feel the potency in her.



Legalized OG

Ohhhhh Snap!  Long awaited Legalized OG is back and she’s got a super duper punch to her!  Full flavored OG in your mouth followed by a hard slap to the face!  A must have for the OG lover’s out there!



One of our favorites!  She hits hard, she smokes great, and you get an overall awesome experience with SPR’s Gcut!  Deep with multiple layers of flavors that packs a deep indica punch!  Grab some before it’s all gone!



She’s out at the stores folks! If you got a chance to try her, she probably made you smile!  She’s going fast so make sure you grab some and experience the Lemonder.




Gorilla Glue, Hollywood OG, LA Sour, Gcut, 707 Headband

We have an arsenal of great flavors coming from SPR.  All rolling out this week and next.  If you thought our last rounds were great, wait until you get your hands on these gems.  All super fire!  Great quality, very smooth and super flavorful, and very potent.  You get a super nice “Experience” when you smoke quality flowers from SPR!

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HollywoodOGBoogieNightsSticker (1) (1)

LASourTopStickerAA (1)

GcutTopSticker (1)